the facts are these

Fact #1: 25 years old and happily obsessed with far too many things

Fact #2: Based in the surprisingly fantastic city of Birmingham, AL

Fact #3: Proud graduate of Samford University (#bowwowbulldogs)

Fact #4: Lifetime lover of books, lifetime sufferer of “buying-too-many-pretty-books-itis”

Fact #5: Hufflepuff, ENFP, Type 2 with dual 1/3 wings

Fact #6: Currently existing in the weird, nebulous post-grad phase of life. Opinion on said phase remains fluid.

Fact #7: Maker of terrible puns/dad jokes

Fact #8: Staunch proponent of libraries, lists, and the hair toss emoji

Fact #9: Hater of Comic Sans, coffee that tastes too much like coffee, and the price of hardback books

Fact #10: That friend who IMDBs the movie while she’s watching it

On this blog you will find my book reviews, life ramblings/rants, and general silliness. It’s a mess, but it’s my kind of mess. Enjoy.


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