2015: whoa

If anyone tells you this year flew by, they are liars and cannot be trusted.

Okay, so maybe it flew by for them, but it felt almost obscenely stretched out for me. Not interminable, just reeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyy long. Like, when I think about the first half of this year, or even three months ago, it seems like it’s ages past.

I took a look back at my goals posts from the end of 2014, and all I can do is laugh. I really did have a lot of plans going into 2015, and I was working on setting them in motion during January. Things just got, well, derailed.

As anyone reading this more than likely knows, at the end of January/beginning of February the right side of my body decided it was over working properly and just gave up. Woo. Three doctor visits, two weeks of waiting, and one hospital stay featuring a lumbar puncture later, I find out that I’ve got tumefactive multiple sclerosis (i.e. there’s a lesion hanging out in my brain that looks like a tumor but isn’t a tumor and sometimes may decide to mess with my body’s functionality).

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 5.35.28 PM

I guess multiple MRI rock concerts were what my 2015 plans were missing– who woulda thunk?

I just want to take this moment to say that my health is 100% fine now. I have had no flare-ups since the first one in January, and my MRIs have all come back either stable or indicating that the lesion is shrinking. I don’t even have to take any medication, and my next MRI won’t be until April. I am ALL GOOD. So as much as I appreciate all the “How are you doing? How’s your health?” questions (and I really do), I absolutely promise that I am fine.

The most unfortunate side effect of the whole health situation was that I got insanely thrown off on my personal goals. Coupled with some unforeseen circumstances at work, my spring was just wholly shot for any personal betterment. It’s taken me until just the last couple of months to really get back on track.

One other bummer that happened this year: Danny, my beloved Jeep Liberty, bit the dust in July. So, with the help of my parents, I participated in that lovely adult experience of car shopping and now have a swanky pre-owned Kia Sportage with a lovely car payment to go with it. Fun times, y’all.


As much as I was dealing with physical and emotional unsteadiness this year, there were some truly lovely things that happened this year. So let’s run down those highlights, yo.

  • In an attempt to make up for the sucky health stuff, life gave me three glorious theatrical experiences in January/February: Newsies (in Atlanta with Megan), The Book of Mormon (BJCC with Cameron and Rex), and a concert version of The Last Five Years (Red Mountain Theatre Company with Shea) where I got to meet, hug, and take photos with the cast and composer, EEEKKK!!! 
  • Began hosting a home group of Samford students on Tuesday evenings, and it quickly became the best part of my week. I get to make new food, have college students rave because anything I make is better than the Caf, and then get to talk with and listen to some truly incredible students for two hours.
  • Explored some new hiking trails that I’ve revisited frequently throughout the year. They’re my new favorite place to escape.
  • It snowed and no one got stranded. *praise hands emoji*Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.54.52 PM
  • My precious baby cousin Emily graduated from high school and started her freshman year at Samford. I adore having family in Birmingham with me, and it’s so wonderful to see her fall in love with her Samford experience. Besides, she keeps me in the student loop.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.54.28 PM
  • We celebrated #drsheabybaby with a #weekendgetashea to Pensacola Beach. Despite the sunburn (Banana Boat sunscreen, you are dead to me), it was a wonderful weekend with some of my favorites.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.54.20 PM
  • Cameron burst into my office and convinced me that an overnight drive to Orlando to go to the 24 Hours of Magic day at DisneyWorld with Kate and the Forehands was a good idea. It was the best idea, and it was worth every penny and missed hour of sleep.
  • Oh, and the Disney trip was on my 24th birthday weekend. Happy golden birthday to me!Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.54.12 PM
  • And if those two weekends weren’t enough, I took off the next weekend to spend a week at the beach with my family. Lots of books and sitting under a comically large umbrella to avoid further sunburning. It’s the best kind of Long family vacation.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.54.05 PM
  • Moved apartments yet again, this time to Highland Park to live with Marla once again. I MISSED YOU, MARLA.
  • Knocked out my Goodreads challenge with a quarter of the year to go. (Here’s my 2015 reading wrap-up and favorites.)
  • Got to celebrate the Feete wedding with some of the best people around and got to cat-sit for #acatnamedfitz for the two weeks afterward. It was glorious.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.53.44 PM
  • Actually started running and have been fairly consistent with it since mid-September, so that’s a major stride in my life. Booyah.
  • Dressed as an Ewok for Halloween. As you do.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.53.25 PM
  • Spent my third year assisting with the Brookwood children’s Christmas musical, this time featuring small children attempting to rap. Yes, it was exactly as wonderful as it sounds.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.53.15 PM
  • STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS MADE MY HEART SING WITH NERDY JOY. (PSA: If you’re in Bham and want to go see it again, I’m your girl.)Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 7.01.24 PM.png

There were, of course, all sorts of other odds and ends throughout the year, but these are most of the highlights.

So that’s my 2015. And I am 100% down with moving on to 2016.

Look, I do appreciate the high points of this last year. I mean that sincerely. There was some really good stuff going on. But good grief, I am soveryready to move on to a year that will hopefully not include major health issues and other major miscellaneous negatives.

So c’mon, new year. Let’s dance.



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