resolved: round 2

On January 1, 2014, I made my very first official New Year’s Resolutions. Seven of them, in fact. And in a shocking turn of events, I actually made good (passably) on six out of those seven.

1) Read through the Bible in a year. Finished up Revelation on December 29, 2014. CHECK!

2) Cook at least three meals a week. I didn’t hit the exact number every week, but I did make quite a few new recipes, and I’ve got more coming down the pipeline. So I’m calling CHECK!

3) Read at least one new book per month. I read 32 books this year, so CHECK x2.67!

4) Cardio at least three times a week. Sit-ups, push-ups, etc. at least four times a week. Yeah…no.

5) Get my life transferred to Birmingham. I finally joined my Birmingham church, found a hair salon I like, registered to vote, and got my Alabama license. It’s not a totally full transfer, but it’s close enough for government work (literally). CHECK!

6) Blog at least once a week. With the exception of a blog-less November, I did pretty well at keeping up with my writing this year. Close-enough-check!

7) Learn to knit (and at least one other new skill). Knitting basics: January 2014; Ukulele basics: August 2014. DOUBLE CHECK!

So now that my first year of mostly-successful resolutions is behind me, I turn to 2015.

The reason I put my resolutions online last year was for a sense of accountability. It meant I had an audience of people, most of whom I know well and see frequently, who would read them and know the goals I had set for myself. It’s one of the only ways I’ve found to hold myself to long-term goals.

However, when I set about crafting my resolutions for 2015, I realized that I didn’t feel comfortable posting all of them on an open Internet platform. They’re not government secrets by any means, but they do apply to more personal aspects of my life than those from 2014. So I’ll be keeping most of my 2015 goals between myself and those in my offline life I trust to hold me to those goals.

But I did want to share a few of the resolutions I’ve set for myself in this new year, so, without further ado, I’d like to present:


  1. Ready 36 books, including at least 6 classics and at least 6 non-fiction (overlap permitted)
    Getting back into reading for fun was one of the best parts of my 2014. Hitting 32 new books for the year was incredibly encouraging for me, and I’d like to push myself to hit 36 in 2015 (aka 3 books/month). I also want to get out of my fiction rut a bit by incorporating some more “classic” literature and non-fiction. *Note: I’m not saying 36 new books for 2015. Some of the classics I’m considering I read or covered in high school, but I want to go back to them and hopefully have a better experience than I did then.*
  2. Make some headway with Les Misérables, aka “The Brick”
    I’m separating this book out from my main literary resolution because it is an absolute monster. However, it is a monster I feel compelled to tackle.So onto the list it goes! I’m not expecting a spectacular triumph on this front, but I am looking forward to the challenge.
  3. Reach an level of comfortable competency on the ukulele.
    My seventh 2014 resolution actually yielded a new little passion for me, so I want to take it on to step 2. I’ve figured out how to pluck out a few songs from chord charts, and I know a decent handful of chords by heart now, but I want to actually teach myself the instrument, not just a few memorized songs. My brother got me a copy of Ukulele for Dummies for Christmas, and I’m quite excited to dive into it. If anyone knows any other great ukulele resources, send them my way!

The resolutions above represent some of the interests where I found and experienced the most growth in 2014, and I’m hoping to see them grow further in 2015. I

As for the resolutions you don’t see here…well, you’ll know about them when and if the right time comes.

Happy new year, y’all. Let’s make 2015 something extraordinary.


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