joining the tribe

Today I made one of my largest steps into adulthood by officially joining the congregation of Brookwood Baptist Church.

I’ve been attending BBC since the end of my sophomore year in college. I was active in the college ministry and served as a media intern while at Samford, and I continued to be involved once I moved back to Birmingham post-graduation, assisting with the children’s choir and running the slides during Sunday services. I was essentially a member in everything but the official sense.

I always had my reasons for not joining. During college I wanted to maintain my home church membership, as most college students do. No big deal. When I moved back to work for Cooking Light, I knew my position was temporary, so I didn’t want to make such a big decision when I wasn’t guaranteed to be in the city long-term.

But then I took my position at Samford, a job that would solidify my Birmingham life for a more permanent period of time. And I began to question if Brookwood was the right church for my stage of life. I knew I loved the church and the people there, but it was so intwined with Samford in my mind that I felt I needed to get some distance. Find a different church with a strong young adult ministry that wasn’t quite so ‘Samford.’

I was convinced that was the right move for me, and was actually pretty excited about it. I decided to keep attending BBC until I felt God leading me to that new church, which I was certain was going to be anyyyyy day now.

Well, if God sent me any memos in regard to a new church, I didn’t get them. Instead, I made more and more connections at Brookwood and found myself with a deeper appreciation for the church and its members. And sometime over the summer, I finally came to the conclusion that God wasn’t leading me anywhere else. He had led me to Brookwood in the 2011, and He still wanted me there in 2014.

It still took me quite a handful of weeks to finally make it official, obviously, but today I made it. I’m so happy to officially be a member of the church that loved me so well all through college and continues to do so today. I adore Grace Fellowship and always will, but Brookwood is the first church I chose for myself, and I’m honored to finally call myself an official member of the tribe.


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