Yesterday was ordinary.

Yesterday I didn’t set an alarm. I woke up, stay snuggled in bed for a while, then hopped in the shower.

Yesterday, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were from a can, and they were delicious. I texted my mom to make her jealous.

Yesterday, I went with Shea to the 2nd Avenue Sidewalk Sale. We browsed our favorite junk shop and stopped by the different vendors set up on the street. I chatted with a ukulele-playing kindergarten teacher and bought a candle.

Yesterday, I made sure we stopped for a while in Reed Books. We looked at old books and new books and pretty books and not-so-pretty books. I bought “The Children’s Classics: Tales from Shakespeare” (1925) and “How to Recognize Typefaces” (1952). They will go in my office.

Yesterday, I made a quesadilla for lunch. I watched Scandal with Suz while I ate.

Yesterday, I straightened my hair. I watched 1.25 episodes of The West Wing during that time.

Yesterday, I played and sang the one full song I know on the ukulele and only messed up a little bit.

Yesterday, I went with Shea, Cameron, and Rex to eat the “best burger in Birmingham.” It was the best burger I have ever eaten, and we concluded that the title is well-deserved. You can find it at Chez FonFon.

Yesterday, I argued with Cameron about the rules of Quelf. I also composed a six-line rhyming poem that is not very good and has since been torn up and thrown away.

Yesterday, I stayed up too late talking with Shea and Rex about the differences between America and China. Cameron fell asleep on the futon.

Yesterday was ordinary.

I like yesterday.


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