wonder full

First things first I’m the realest: I am now in possession of a ukulele and can now live out my three-week long dream of sitting on the balcony/patio playing “La Vie en rose” like that one really sweet scene from How I Met Your Mother. But so far I’ve only downloaded a tuning app and learned two chords, so…

Second things second, I have realized that I totally skipped last week’s post, but oh well. You’re all adults. You can handle it.

It’s actually been a pretty swell last week and a half, to tell the truth. I’ve felt pretty productive at work, I spent some quality time with the parentals, I got the aforementioned ukulele, and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy twice (you should really go see it yourself if you haven’t as it is golden).

OH, and I also attended the wedding of two really wonderful people at which I got to dance, laugh, and generally enjoy the company of other really wonderful people and my heart is so giddy about it a week later, oh my goodness.

Weddings like this are absolute dreams for a post-grad like me (that is to say, extremely extroverted and possibly-too-attached to college friends that no longer live nearby). There are hugs and stories and laughing and more hugs, and everything just feels right.

And guess what! Tomorrow happens to be the wedding of yet another pair of wonderful people that will be attended by a group of wonderful people, and I don’t think I could be any more excited. It’s basically ENFP crack, y’all.

And that’s really all I wanted to say today. Weddings full of friends are awesome, and I love them. The end.

(Also I was serious about GotGGO SEE IT NOW.)



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