time for another list blog

Considering I’ve been blogging once a week for over six months now, let’s all take a moment to be impressed that this is my first listy-post since March. *jazz hands* Yeah, I know. It’s a big deal.

To keep me from rambling forever, I’m giving myself prompts for each point. (You’re welcome.)

  • What I’m ReadingMoneyball, by Michael Lewis // I stole this from my brother’s bookshelf on a recent trip back to Georgia Home. The movie probably makes the cut as one of my favorites, so I figured it was time to give the book a try. Despite my significant lack of baseball fervor, it’s been very interesting and informative to read. It also seems to be continuing my July streak of reading non-fiction (just finished up Tina Fey’s Bossypants).
  • What I’m Watching: The West Wing // It’s taken much pestering from Cameron, but I’ve finally started on my WW journey. Let me just tell you, it is such a great change of pace after binging my way through Scandal. I’m only 8 episodes in, but I already know it’s making my Top 10 list. Also I love Charlie.
  • What I’m Eating: Produce & Chicken // Thanks to a Whole Foods gift card from my aunt (Thank you, Aunt Donna!), I currently have a wonderful supply of fruit and veggies in my fridge that are keeping my tummy very happy. And in a shocking turn of events, I actually bought meat at the store. Usually I avoid getting meat for price and laziness reasons, but I’ve got end my pasta streak somehow. So here’s to chicken!
  • What I’m Listening To: MTV’s Spotify playlist based on the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy // Basically it’s an early 70s rock playlist, which has been a fun change of pace from the Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson that’s typically on rotation. And I’ve been excited about GOTG for so. many. months, so I’ll take whatever I can get to tide me over the next two weeks.
  • What I’m Learning: Spanish (again) // I’ve recently discovered Duolingo and have been using it to brush up on my Spanish skills. It’s really sad how much I’ve forgotten, but I’m still encouraged by how much I’ve been able to dig out from the recesses of my brain.
  • What I’m Loving: IKEA!!! // I had never been before this past weekend (when Suz and I took a few days to go and see Megan in her new place in Atlanta), and I’m now incredibly sad that I’ve been deprived of this home goods haven for so long. Only five picture frames and a candle made it into my bag, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want 86% of the entire story to somehow miraculously find its way into my home.
  • What I’m Also Loving: Weird Al Yankovic’s “Word Crimes” // Just listen to it. You’ll understand.
  • What I’m Wanting: A high-speed rail system across the U.S. // I just want one so badly, you guys. Flying is annoying and driving is miserable, but trains are fun. At least once I week I look at this proposed map and just wish it into existence. Alas…

Ah, list blogs. I adore you so.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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