new year’s resolution midterms

On January 1st, I made the bold decision to not only make my first-ever New Year’s Resolution, but to make seven of them.  I’m nothing if not optimistic, you guys.

So now that half the year has gone by (whattttttttt), I figured it’s time for my New Year’s Resolution Midterms. Here we go:

1) Read through the Bible in a year.
I’ve been doing a pretty solid job with this one all year. I have some weeks where I get behind a few days, but I manage to catch up pretty quickly. I’ve made it through 50% of the Bible at this point via my YouVersion chronological reading plan, and it’s really been a fascinating journey. It’s not easy reading 3-5 chapters of Numbers or 2 Kings in one sitting (it all starts to run together after a bit), but there’s still great wisdom to be found there. And the footnotes of my ESV have been stellar, let me tell you. If you’re going to do a yearlong Bible reading plan, I highly recommend footnotes. I’m in the minor prophets right now, but chronologically there are still a lot more OT books to hit before I progress into the Gospels. [A- for occasionally falling behind.]

2) Cook at least three meals a week.
Uh…this one never really worked out how I initially imagined. I have definitely been cooking (and baking, obviously), but the amount per week is ultimately dependent on what winds up on my schedule. Surprisingly enough, I wind up cooking more often at breakfast than for dinner. The biggest highlight: bacon pancakes, no question. I probably won’t be trying to get back on track with the three meals thing, instead focusing on cooking more new and different recipes, especially involving veggies. [for amount of meals, B+ for effort and deliciousness].

3) Read at least one new book per month.
So it seems I may have underestimated how much I would be reading. Those of you who follow this blog regularly will have noticed that, once I got back on the new book train, it did not slow down. I’ve hit a total of 15 new books for this year, and many more are waiting in the wings (or beside my computer, where Tina Fey’s Bossypants currently sits). Check out my bimonthly bookshelf recaps here, here, and here. [A++ because duh]

4) Cardio at least three times a week. Sit-ups, push-ups, etc. at least four times a week.
Yeahhhhh…no. I have been lazy. Sorry, guys. [F]

5) Get my life transferred to Birmingham.
Still working on this. I’ve been getting referrals for different doctors/dentists/etc., but I haven’t actually made appointments. It’s a work in progress. [Incomplete]

6) Blog at least once a week.
Sadly enough, this is the first time I’ve missed putting up a post within 7 days of the previous post. If you’re going by calendar weeks, though, I’m golden. I’ve been really impressed with myself on this one, and I hope y’all have enjoyed the content I’ve been putting out. The bookshelf updates are going to be a regular thing now, and I’m looking to add a few other regular features soon. [A]

7) Learn to knit (and at least one other new skill).
Thanks to that lovely snowstorm in late January, I can mark a bit ol’ CHECK for knitting! Much thanks to my friend/new roommate Suz for graciously teaching me the basics. I haven’t done much with it yet, but I at least know how, which is more than I could say in December. As for the second skill, I’m still deciding what it should be. I’m leaning toward the ukelele, but we’ll see. I still have six months to figure it out. [A for knitting, N/A for Skill #2]

I’m just gonna say it: WAY TO GO, ME. I’m not exactly known for sticking to personal goals long-term, so the fact that I haven’t completely bombed my resolutions (except for #4, but I’m hopefully going to turn that around soon) is great in my book.

But let’s see how the next six months go, shall we?


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