new ages, new places, new faces

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been 23 for a little over a week now, which means…well, nothing really, except that I don’t get to sing “22” with impunity anymore. One of the sad realities of growing up, my friends.

I also just went through another move, though this time within county limits. Thanks to the help and ingenuity of some very, very lovely friends, I wrangled my bed, random furniture, and all my other junk halfway across town to my new apartment in Homewood and am now (mostly) situated and organized. I even handled the set-up of our new cable and internet system. BOOYAH.

20140602-173552-63352597.jpgYes, I’m a working adult. Yes, I have two stuffed animals on my bed. No, that’s not weird.

I had been excitedly looking forward to this move ever since it was officially settled in February. It’s not that I didn’t like where I lived/who I lived with before (though a situation arose in mid-March I was more than happy to get away from). The distance to the house just made my work commute highly annoying (approx. 25 minutes one way) and left me feeling disconnected from my favorite people, almost all of whom live and hang out in the Homewood/Southside/Vestavia side of town. My new location puts me only 3.5 minutes from work and oodles of time closer to my core friend group, and I’m already feeling the relief of it even after just the first week here.

A short note to my wonderful former roommate: Thank you so much for offering me a room last June when I called you looking for any place I could possibly move into on short notice. I absolutely adored living with and getting to know you better this past year. You taught me a lot about post-grad life, and I’m incredibly grateful for your friendship. So much love (and lots of cheese!)

This new apartment also allows me to live with two of my absolute favorites– Shea and Suz (and Suz’s precious puppy Flo). These two ladies are some of the most joyful and loving people I know, and I’m very excited to begin this next year with them.

And this summer has also brought/is bringing some of my other favorites back to the ‘Ham, including some who have been across an ocean for the last year. Two have already returned, and 4+ are set to make their way back over the next few months. I know I won’t always be able to keep my college friends so close forever, but it’s a blessing to have them around for now. (Unfortunately, the best friend is leaving me for Atlanta in a few weeks. I’m decidedly unhappy about not having her in the same city anymore, but she’s got a kick-butt job, insane apartment, and tons of awesome opportunities waiting for her, so I can’t be too sad.)

23’s seen a lot of changes already, and it’s only been 9 days. There’s a ton more on the horizon, I’m sure, and I’m pretty pumped to see what’s coming. Terrified, too, but mostly pumped.

And just so everyone is aware, I somehow got into 4 separate situations in the last two weeks that required me to explain the meaning of the phrase “turn down for what.” If you’re curious how an extremely white girl such as myself (I also mean this literally; I got a light sunburn sitting outside at Chipotle yesterday) managed that feat, join the club because I am, too.


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