hey vacay

So this week I’m on vacation. Everybody say YEAHHHHHHHHHH.

But really though, I’m super pumped to have a week off. I put Mailbox on the last page of my apps and went the first three days without even touching my computer. (My original idea was to do a total social media/Internet purge for the week, but I’m weak and broke that one within hours. Oops.)

The first part of this vacation has been wonderful. We (meaning Dad, Mom, and me) spent Sunday afternoon-Tuesday night at my great-uncle and aunt’s cabin in north Georgia, which made me a happy girl. In a choice between the mountains and the beach, my pale self is always going for the mountains. So much less sunscreen required!

BONUS: My little brother goes to school/works very near the area, so I got to see him for the first time since CHRISTMAS. (Of course, being the little pest that he is, he immediately hid in his car and locked it when he saw me. Love you, too, Jay.)

EXTRA BONUS: I got to meet Jay’s girlfriend for the first time while up there. A+ work, kid.

We (this time including Jay and his girlfriend) got to go hiking, walk around downtown Dahlonega a bit, and play the loveliest amount of board/table games. My family’s pretty big on games, specifically SORRY! and a dominoes version of Old Maid referred to as “Larry in the Box.” The only downside to our mountain time was that there was always just a bit too much of a chill in the air to comfortably hammock. Darn that weekend rainstorm.

After some shopping and finally seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (leading to many nerd discussions between Dad and me which Mom is trying to tune out), we left Jay to his summer of work and school and made our way back to good ol’ Greene County.

Today was chill, with only a few errands and a pretty pedicure to fill the time. Tomorrow Mom and I will take off for 24-ish hours in Macon to shop and spend time with my grandma/aunt/uncle/only-one-cousin-because-the-other-abandoned-us-for-Scotland before coming back to GC, this time to spend the day seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past with Dad (more nerd conversations!) and eating the family-favorite meal of steak, mashed potatoes, and “sautéed” mushrooms.

That day will also be my 23rd birthday, so that’s a thing. Yay?

So that’s my vacation for you. I thought about not doing a blog post this week since I’m already taking a break from regular life, but I didn’t want to break Resolution #6 for the first time all year! (Technically I’ve broken it by EST, but since I made the resolution in CST I’m counting it as acceptable).

And because I want to bring joy to your lives, please take a moment to view the trailer for ABC’s new show Galavant (seriously, just do it):




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