monday fun-day

It is my firm opinion that three-day weekends, while always nice, are much better when the extra day is a Monday. Thankfully, this is the case with the majority of three-day weekends. Thank you, people who plan(ned) the American holiday calendar.

Because of Samford’s policy of taking the Monday after Easter off as opposed to Good Friday (for which I will always be a supporter) and the fact that I didn’t go back to Georgia-home for Easter this year and therefore don’t have to travel, I am granted the luxury of doing absolutely nothing on this gorgeous spring Monday.

I really can’t remember the last time I woke up to the knowledge that I had literally nothing on my schedule for the day. Even if what I have planned is fun and enjoyable, it still requires me to set an alarm and be ready by a certain time. It’s just so peaceful to wake up to nothing, and so unfortunately rare, as well. So today was a day to be taken advantage of.

Said advantage-taking has thus far consisted of my daily Bible reading, catching up on the DVR a bit, and, my personal favorite, spending 3.5 hours reading a new book (Wicked by Gregory Maguire) in my hammock in the sunshine. The weather’s been so perfect that I barely even minded having to coat myself in sunscreen (alas, such is life’s lot for us freckled pale folk).

Surprisingly enough, I even threw in some more productive tasks by doing laundry and sweeping the main areas of the house, just for kicks.

After a Holy Week and Easter weekend of celebrating our new life in Christ, it almost doesn’t seem fair to get another beautiful day to rest in creation and in simply being (though I’m certainly not complaining). If hunger hadn’t eventually pulled me out of my hammock, I probably could have laid there for another 3.5 hours just to watch the flowers and leaves play in the wind. How a heart can’t believe in an Almighty Creator after witnessing springtime is beyond my comprehension.

It’s been such a blessing of a day already, and I’ve still got hours left to enjoy it.

Monday…I think I might love you (at least this week).

Bye guys.





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