today the world is green again

Today the world is green again.

After months of bare trees, dull grass, and dead leaves, I was struck with the realization that nature’s color is finally coming back.

Of course, there have been signs here and there in the past few weeks. Some stray flowers, a few flowering trees, but today was that special day.

You know the day I’m talking about. That one day that makes you grin like an idiot when you step out of your car because wow, Spring is really here.

The day that makes you stop in your tracks in order to take in the bounty of colors spread out before you.

The day where the handiwork of the Lord is so clearly evident that you don’t want to blink and risk missing a second of it.

Today was that day.

And even though the air was chilled and caused me to shiver as I ran my fingers across a budding branch, today was such a special kind of beautiful.

Because today the world is green again. And today I am happy.


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