always apply sunscreen to the back of your neck

So if you’ve seen me since Saturday afternoon (which only a handful of you have, thankfully), you probably noticed the lovely, bright red patch of skin on the back of my neck and around the left side. First sunburn of the year, folks. Woo.

As much as I crave the return of warmer weather, the brutal sun on my skin is its downside. Though I remembered to coat my arms and legs with sunscreen during Saturday’s park picnic (twice, even!), I somehow managed to neglect the skin my ponytailed hair was not protecting. Thus I am paying the price and re-applying aloe gel five times a day. Ouch.

Interesting thing about my relationship with aloe gel: it’s the number one scent I associate with the beach. Guess that just goes to show you how well-acquainted I am with sunburns and the accompanying suffering.

It is a bit funny to me how, with years and years of sunburn-less Spring Breaks behind me, my first post-grad Spring Break (aka Spring Break for everyone that isn’t an adult) is the one that ended the streak And I didn’t even have to  leave town to do it. Efficiency?

I will say though, I managed to get a nice bit done yesterday despite the fact that I winced every time I turned my neck the wrong way. I tidied up my room, washed my sheets and duvet cover, actually put the sheets back on the bed immediately, filed my federal taxes, experimented with two recipes, spent bonding time with the roommate watching Frozen, and started a new book (The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. I know, I know, I’m way behind on this one.) I also binged on the first three episodes of Firefly, which some may not count as productive, but I certainly think it is.

And then, taking advantage of Samford being empty due to Spring Break, I worked from home today to continue nursing my sunburn and wearing awkwardly arranged attire to avoid accidental aggravation (#alliterationwin). It makes me very grateful for the fact that my job is only limited by access to a computer and my Dropbox folder.

By now you’ve realized that you just spent an inordinate amount of time reading about my adventures with my first 2014 sunburn, and you’re wondering just why you have. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you. Sorry.

What I do have is a inclination to make chocolate chip cookies. So…bye.


3 thoughts on “always apply sunscreen to the back of your neck

  1. Honestly it’s impressive that you can make this topic interesting enough that I didn’t even question it until you pointed it out, haha. Love you Jackie! Watch out for the sun.

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