because it’s been a while since i’ve list-blogged

I’m going to be quite honest and admit that I’m not sure I have anything all that interesting or important to say today. But here we go anyway:

  • Weather in the South continues to be completely bipolar. On Sunday I was wearing shorts and flip-flops, and yesterday I don’t think I ever gained full feeling in my feet.
  • Granted, my frozen feet also had a lot to do with the fact that the heat was broken in my office yesterday. Not. Fun.
  • BUT it got fixed before I got into work today, so huzzah! Though I brought my fuzzy blanket with me just in case.
  • I’m currently nomming on a leftover cupcake from our Oscars party this weekend. Leftovers are the ultimate advantage of hosting parties (at least for me).
  • For having seen none/almost none of the Oscar-nominated films, our party did a pretty decent job at picking the winners. Still no Oscar for Leo, though.
  • The cats still don’t like me. Oh well.
  • I get to do taxes soon…woo.
  • (See what I mean? I have nothing interesting to say today. I’m sorry you guys are reading this. I really am.)
  • Got to see some dear alum friends of mine when they came to Birmingham this weekend. Mexican food and old friends: it doesn’t get much better than that.
  • I’ve decided to make cookies and send them to my brother. But since he doesn’t read my blog, he won’t know they’re coming! Mwa-ha-ha…
  • The evil laughter wasn’t necessary.
  • I need a haircut.
  • And some sleep.
  • And a new book.
  • I’m looking forward to living much closer to work come May/June (as in a 3-minute drive as opposed to a 30-minute drive). Imagine all the gas money/sleep time I’ll save!

Okay, I’m putting this list out of its misery. I’m sorry, guys. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea. Writer’s block is my least favorite thing, and this is why. Ughhhhh.

Have a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer for your trouble:


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