in which thin mints are the (almost) solution to emotional exhaustion

It’s been an interesting past few days. And by interesting, I mean thoroughly exhausting both emotionally and mentally.

I’m not going to go into many details, because, well, I’m basically just tired of thinking about it all (and also it’s not really the Internet’s business). So if you’re looking for gossip, you can stop reading now. You won’t find any. Kay, thanks. Bye.

What I will say is that it was just one of those weekends (though by weekend, I’m talking Friday-Monday). Work had me rushing around like a crazy person (in heels!), I was trying to coordinate visits with in-from-out-of-town friends, and sleep was proving more elusive than usual. Essentially, it was the perfect storm for a slow mental meltdown.

Then throw in a few surprises, some secondhand Step Sing stress, and one rather disconcerting dream, and I was just emotionally over life by Sunday afternoon.

I’ll admit it: I missed church on Sunday very much on purpose. I hadn’t had any time completely to myself in over 48 hours, and the mental exhaustion was getting overwhelming. When I started the drive home from my friend’s apartment that morning, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and just cried the entire trip back to the house. Not out of sadness, but just sheer emotional drainage.

My solution to this, of course, was to put on pajamas, eat 3/4 of a box of Thin Mints, and just Netflix my favorite chick flicks and Parks and Recreation until I wasn’t thinking about anything at all anymore. So adult of me, right? I won’t say that it cured anything, but it definitely made me feel better for the time being.

To be entirely honest, I’m not past it all yet. When I get past a certain point of mental and emotional drain, it takes me the better part of week (at the least) to bounce back fully. So to anyone who encounters me in the next four days, I apologize for any emotional rants or babbling that may (read: definitely will) occur. And if you feel like throwing out a prayer for me, I absolutely will not object. Much grass (for the uninitiated, that’s a Jimmy-ism for “thanks”).

BUT, some great news came out of this past weekend, too! My living plans for the next year are pretty much locked in! As much as I love my current roommate, (and I do love her), the location isn’t ideal and the utilities are higher than I’d prefer. So I’ll be moving into an apartment much closer to work with two of my most wonderful friends sometime this summer. I’m just so grateful to have this settled, and I’m praising God for one less thing to stress about in the coming months.


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