time hopping: snow edition

A wonderful mobile app exists in the world by the name of Timehop. Simply link the app to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and each day it pulls up what you posted on that day for the last seven years. So for nostalgia nuts like me, it’s basically the most perfect app ever invented.

When I checked Timehop this morning, I discovered that February 12, 2010, was the date of my first Samford snow day. I had to laugh at the coincidence, seeing as how Birmingham was expecting yet another heavy snow fall today. And a heavy snow fall we got. Déjà vu, anyone?

So I decided to revisit that first glorious snow day. Because why not?

Vail Snow
The 4th floor Vail lobby offered a lovely view of central campus.
No sled? Just use a mattress.
No sled? Just use a mattress!
No class, fresh snow, and good friends-- every SU freshman's dream.
No class, fresh snow, and good friends– every Samford freshman’s dream.

And now, four years later, a very similar snow has once more coated the Magic City. Very thankfully, I am safe and warm at home with the roommate, Parks & Recreation, and my new box of Thin Mints. It may be a different type of snow day, but it’s pleasant all the same.

Heeeeyyyy, roomie. I’m glad we built a snowman.

So thanks, Birmimgham. If I’m still around for February 12, 2018, we’ll do it again, deal?



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