from the other side

Not even kidding, I’ve been off-and-on craving Oreos for the last month and a half. And today I finally gave in. Darn you, Publix and your sales on delicious and nutritionally-deficient snacks.

Well, it’s now Samford’s most wonderful time of the year: Step Sing season. The craziness officially began last night with Banner Drop, and it will continue on for the next three weeks until February 15.

It was always my favorite time of year as a student, but now I am officially on the other side. Kind of.

Working at Samford so soon after graduation is presenting a unique situation for me when it comes to Step Sing. I’m trying my best to keep the appropriate amount of distance for an alum, but I’m also working with students involved with Step Sing every day when I go to work. Yay, balancing act?

Step Sing 2013. Photo courtesy of Tim Foote.
Step Sing 2013. Photo courtesy of Tim Foote.

It already feels weird to not be spending all my free time in Step Sing practice/talking about Step Sing, and I know I’m going to have some major withdrawal pangs come February 13-15. It’s hard to let go of something that contributed so greatly to my college experience, but I’m finding it’s even harder to be adjacent to it day in and day out and yet not be able to take part.

So this has been my sad/nostalgic vent for the week. I now return you to your regular programming.


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