It’s 2014, and for the first time in my life, I’m making New Year’s resolutions.

In years past, I’ve made fleeting general resolves around January 1st. Lose weight, spend more time in Scripture, general life improvement…the usual suspects. But as is the case for so many others, they tend to fall by the wayside after a while, resurfacing every now and then throughout the year only to get sidelined once more a week or so later. Such is the vicious cycle.

But now I’ve graduated college. I’m out more or less on my own, with a job and rent payments and all that jazz. So I figured 2014 is a pretty good year to make some actual resolutions.

I have realized, somewhat ironically, that almost all the blog posts I’ve read in the last month-ish keep talking about “doing away with the New Year’s resolution list.” Well, I’m the girl who straightened her curly hair for prom because everyone else was curling their straight hair, so I guess I’m only following precedent.

I’ve been carefully considering these resolves for a little while now, determined to set down a curated list of specific, reasonably attainable goals that would improve my life mentally, spiritually, and physically.

So without further ado, here we go:

1) Read through the Bible in a year.

This is something I’ve “wanted” to do for a few years now. I write “wanted” like that because I kept saying I had the desire to, but I never made any effort to actually do it.

But when I found out my Dad (who’s a pastor, for the uninformed), was challenging the congregation of my GA church to read through the Bible in a year; read through the New Testament in a year; or simply commit to reading some Scripture each day of the year, I figured it was about time I did it myself. No time like the present, right?

2) Cook at least three meals a week.

I’m talking entrée and side dishes. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I want to tackle new dishes and learn to really fend for myself in the kitchen. (I think this is the resolution my roommate is most excited about.)

3) Read at least one new book per month.

I have a terrible habit of avoiding new books and simply re-reading old favorites over and over again. So it’s time to break out of that rut, cash in my Amazon gift card, and finally tackle the ever-growing “To Read” list on my phone. First up: The Night Circus and Cloud Atlas (much thanks to Sarah Waller and Kevin Holley for the suggestions).

4) Cardio at least three times a week. Sit-ups, push-ups, etc. at least four times a week.

Yep, the lovely exercise resolution. I spent quite a bit of time determining how this particular goal would be set down, because I am acutely aware of my particular attitude toward exercise. If I set the numbers too high, I get busy and give up. If it’s too low, I’m letting myself off too easily. Too specific and I get frustrated, too vague and I just let it fade away.

What I set down above seemed like the best balance to just get me up and moving. And, just being honest, anything is better than what I’ve doing lately (namely, diddly squat)

5) Get my life transferred to Birmingham.

This means finding a doctor, eye doctor, dentist, hairdresser, the whole nine yards. Yes, this also includes braving the dreaded DMV (not even kidding, I just shivered at the thought).

If I let myself, I’ll just put these details off for the next two years. So I’m not letting myself. I’m getting it done.

6) Blog at least once a week.

If you’ve been tracking my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m terrible about updating. And at such a transient time in my life, I want to be able to have a record of my adventures, both big and small.

I’m not saying each week will bring a huge chunk of text complete with photos and quotes. In fact, a great number of posts may simply be a short paragraph whipped up before I collapse in bed on a Tuesday night. But I want this blog to be a priority in 2014 (I also plan to use it to keep up with these resolutions throughout the year).

7) Learn to knit (and at least one other new skill).

I’ll admit it—this was my eleventh-hour resolution. But I was struck a day or so ago with the notion that I actually have been blessed with a pretty decent amount of free time at this period of my life, and I want to do something practical. I’ve toyed with the idea of learning to knit for a couple of years now, so why not just go for it? (Suz, you feel like teaching me a few of the ropes? I pay in baked goods.)

As for the other skill, I have no idea what it’ll be yet. I’m leaving it open for whatever happens to strikes my fancy in the next twelve months. Suggestions, anyone?

So there you have it. I’ve laid out my seven resolutions, and I’m giving all of you free reign to ask me about how they’re going at any point. But really, please do. I can have all the determination in the world, but accountability is my primary motivator.

Happy New Year, everyone. I have a feeling it’ll be pretty great.


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