the last twelve months

Before I get going with this lovely Year in Review, I have to let you all know that I have just been distracted by an ad for a butter-scented waffle necklace from the NBC online store. Blast you, Google and your knowledge of my love for Parks and Recreation!

Okay, chased that rabbit. On to business!

When I wrote my 2012 Year in Review, I already had a pretty good idea for what 2013 would hold. I had known for many, many years this would be a year of many, many changes. And boy was it ever.

January passed without much fanfare. Compared to the year before it was quite dull, to be honest. It’s a bit hard to compete with 2012’s Exhilarating European Extravaganza when you’re just sitting around in Union Point, GA. Oh well.

Jan-Term eventually ended, and I was reunited once more with my beloved Samford (yay!) and the reality that my time there was coming to an end (boo!).

I was bound and determined to squeeze every ounce of college out of my final semester, and though it resulted in probably the busiest four-month period of my life, I couldn’t have been happier.

Here are the highlights:

Going to Prom with these crazy kids for my last Step Sing [watch the show here].

We had the time of our life. Photo courtesy of Tim Foote.
Photo courtesy of Tim Foote

“Breathing” after the singing and dancing chaos.

The Earth will sing His praises.

My nerd-tastic invitation to Beeson Ball from my dear friend Chase.

I said yes. Obviously.

Dancing the night away at the aforementioned ball with some really lovely people.

What a stellar group. [Photo credit Tim Foote]
Photo courtesy of Tim Foote
Spring Break in South Carolina with three incredible human beings I’m lucky enough to call friends.

Too bad we never talked to Lance.

Finally releasing the hard copy of Exodus magazine!

We did it! We did it! [Photo credit Katie Willis]
Photo courtesy of Katie Willis
Taking ridiculous “family beach pictures” on the quad during our last week as students.

Totes natch, obvi. [Photo credit Rachel Freeny]
Photo courtesy of Rachel Freeny
And other moments that weren’t actually photographed:

  • Finding a second campus ministry “home” in RUF and investing in the friendships that developed.
  • Finally getting my best friend back from Atlanta and her kick-butt internship at PWC.
  • Falling a little bit in love with film photography.
  • Blasting Disney music in the dark room with Kevin while developing photos so that it wasn’t quite so creepy up there (though it still was).
  • Staying up way too late in the Minihouse with Rachel, Caroline, and Charlotte.
  • And way, way more that I just can’t articulate at the present moment.

And it all culminated with the biggie: Graduation day!

As I walked across the stage, I only had vague notions of where I was going, but I felt a little nudge in my heart that wherever it was, it was gonna be good.

Sharing four years with this community was a blessing beyond measure. Thanks, Sammy U.

After my 22nd birthday celebration and the first of many, many weddings I have and will go to in the next ten years, I boarded a plane for Washington D.C. and a two-week fellowship at The Washington Post.

Within 24 hours, I was in love. I relished every hot, sticky moment of my time in D.C., and promised myself I would find my way back someday.

I got to work HERE! Major journalistic fangirling.

When I left for D.C., I had no clue what I was doing after I returned. By the time I got back to Georgia, I had secured a long-term fellowship with Cooking Light’s digital team and was preparing for my move back to Birmingham.

So I moved and began to integrate into the working-adult world of waking up early, budgeting my money, and generally being responsible for my life. And it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had feared.

I kept my roommate well-fed by learning to cook and bake all sorts of new goodies, and I got involved with an incredible Bible Study that has blessed me so greatly. There were two weddings, new friends, more than a few sleepovers, and a little jaunt down to Pensacola to carve pumpkins and play ridiculous games. Life was good.

A gorgeous morning in Pensacola. What a view.

Then it got better.

I got a call from my beloved Samford JMC department during the last full week of October, and on November 12 I became the new Project Coordinator and Yearbook Advisor for the department I hold so dear. It was unexpected, but I’m oh-so-very-grateful.

The end of the year went by in an absolute blur. Between beginning a new job and all the holiday fanfare, I don’t even know where the last month and a half went. And now it’s December 31st.

So here’s to you, 2013, and the long, rambling, wonderful journey you became.

2014, you have a lot to live up to. Let’s get going.

And let’s get some chocolate.


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