my whole life is food (and other stories from the working world)

Okay, so my entire life isn’t food. But it definitely seems like it is most of the time.

Just a general life update: I started my new job last week. Yay, Cooking Light! Thank you for paying me. I really appreciate it.

So now I spend 7.5 hours a day staring at a computer screen creating galleries, cropping photos, web-packaging articles, tweeting, and responding to e-mails.

It may not be the most thrilling job in the world, but hey, it’s a fellowship. What do you expect?

Anyway, so I’ve started my job.

Somehow I did not realize just how different college is from having a full (or mostly full)-time job. For one, I get up an average of two hours earlier than I ever considered waking up during my last two years in college. 6 a.m. and I have been very well acquainted these past two weeks. I’ve also seen virtually none of 11 p.m. or any of its ilk.

The really surprising part? I’m actually okay with this. *gasp*


However, one of the major perks of real-world life is that when I leave work, I leave my work there. My e-mail doesn’t even link to my phone, so literally nothing but my neck pain follows me home from work. It’s a glorious feeling (the no work coming home thing, not the neck pain thing).

However, I have realized that I desperately need a hobby to fill all this free time I’m finding myself with. I know that soon enough my life is going to be insanely full and I’m going to miss these easy days, but I have never been a person at ease with too much empty time.

Maybe I’ll learn to knit. That’s useful, right?

To be quite honest, what I want to fill my time with right now is cooking. This is the first time I’ve really had the time and space to cook actual meals. And since I spend my entire day looking at a million different recipes for really delicious-looking food (as well as coming up with seventeen synonyms for delicious in any given day), I have no shortage of inspiration.

So far I’ve made these Caramelized Onion-Stuffed Baked Potatoes (first time caramelizing anything…it was an adventure), these super-yummy waffles, these brownies, and a slightly tweaked version of this mac and cheese. And, not to brag, but they were all pretty dang good, the mac and cheese especially (an empty bowl of it currently sits in front of me, completely polished off).

I AM ADULT. HEAR ME ROAR. And let me feed you goodies.

And speaking of adult, I went to happy hour after work with other women from the office. If that’s not grown-up, I don’t know what is.

(Though I have to admit it was incredibly strange being at J. Clyde with non-Samford folks. So incredibly strange.)

So that’s a mega-abbreviated recap of my last two weeks. I promise that I’ve also been social. Just not quite as much as I’ve been working.

Here’s to the post-collegiate world. You are a mighty interesting creature.

Let’s get better acquainted.



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