counterbalance: a list of things i love

So I was in a bit of a snarky mood when I wrote my last post, so I figured I’d respond to my own sass with a more positive look at my life.

A LIST OF THINGS I LOVE AND ADORE [in no order whatsoever]

  • My University Ministries community. Every time we come together I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a support system that can laugh, learn, and grown together in the service of Christ.
  • My roommate and suitemates. I don’t even have enough words to describe how rich they have made my life this year. They are three incredible women of God, and I am so excited to see His plans for their lives.
  • Step Sing. This is my third year with University Ministries’ show, and I can’t imagine doing Samford’s biggest tradition with any other group. We are a group of holy fools, and we plan on keeping it that way!
  • My family. I have been blessed with the most supportive and encouraging parents and the most talented, intelligent, and witty little brother I could have ever imagined.
  • On a less “grand” note, TODAY’S WEATHER.
  • That I am the go-to person among my friends when it comes to personality profiles.
  • That I’ll get to see my best friend in nine days!
  • This gelato. Best grocery store alternative to going to Italy.
  • FIRST WORLD PERK ALERT: My iPhone 5. Honestly, it’s the best thing ever.
  • Puns.
  • Samford University. In my honest opinion, it’s one of the best universities on earth. The community here has poured into my life in every way possible, and I have grown in ways I didn’t even know I needed to.
  • My fuzzy green blanket. So soft. So cuddly. So warm.
  • Having an obsessive personality. It gets a bit out of control sometimes, but I love being able to just be an all-out geek about something.
  • My yoga class. It’s insanely relaxing, and this a semester I desperately need to set aside time to relax.
  • On a similar note, BREATHE RETREAT IS COMING SOON. 24 hours of Sabbath. I have honestly been looking forward to this almost as much as Step Sing.
  • All my “freshman babies” (aka my Foundations students, actual or surrogate). Most of them aren’t freshman anymore, but I love being able to be a part of their lives and resting in the fact that they promise such a bright future for Samford.
  • Each and every one of my ridiculous friends. I can’t even begin to count the ways I have been encouraged and cheered on by this insane group of people. I love them to pieces.
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t articulate at the moment.

It’s amazing what writing out your blessings and loves can do for your spirit. Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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