a list of things i dislike

First things first:

I promise I tried to blog over the school break. I even have two posts saved in the drafts that I started. But I honestly had no inspiration and couldn’t find the motivation to keep writing. So…sorry about that.

On to business.

THIS IS A LIST OF THINGS THAT I REALLY DISLIKE [in a somewhat fluid order]

Why? Because I’m an adult and I can do that. Obviously.

1) Comic Sans. Unless your text is aimed at someone six years old or younger (NOT their parents), this is not an appropriate font. Please stop using it.

2) When people misuse your/you’re, there/their/they’re, to/two/too, its/it’s, etc. Honestly, people, how do you not understand this elementary concept?

3) Crocs.

4) The radio station going out of range right when your favorite song comes on. This is one of the most depressing things in the universe.

5) When girls wear Uggs with shorts. I don’t understand how this makes any sort of logical sense.

6) Really, really wanting to cuddle but having no one to cuddle with. [Also known as: my life.]

7) YouTube ads.

8) [This used to be Justin Bieber’s spot, but then I worked at camp for two summers and I had to learn to like him to save my sanity.]

9) Diamonds by Rihanna. Or really anything Rihanna has released Rude Boy and onwards.

10) When people in the Caf clap for dropped cups. It’s a sacred tradition that should be reserved for plates and bowls. [I’m sorry if you don’t go to Samford and don’t understand this.]

11) Listening to sports on the radio. I just can’t get into it.

12) Being unable to go to sleep despite the fact that you’re physically exhausted.

13) Desperately needing sleep but being so busy that you can’t find time to get a decent amount at any given time.

14) When people ask questions that are completely unnecessary, especially when it means delaying when we get out of class. I know you like listening to yourself talk, but please shut it.

15) When I have the perfect outfit planned but the weather isn’t cooperating and I have to wear something else.

16) When I waste the perfect outfit on an insignificant day.

17) When nothing I try on looks good resulting in my entire closet being strewn all over the room.

18) Realizing that I just listed three things involving clothing choices.

19) Coffee.

20) Cinnamon candy.

21) That Mulan is in the official Disney Princess lineup. She wasn’t born royalty, nor did she marry royalty. Therefore, she is not a princess. Disney, get your semantics right.

22) Ending lists on awkward numbers because you’re out of things to write.

So that’s today’s internet rant. If you enjoyed it, great? I’m not really sure what that says about you. If you didn’t read it, it might have been for the best.

Talk to you all [and honestly, I’m not sure who “you all” is] later.


One thought on “a list of things i dislike

  1. Shea

    I fully agree with all of these except 11, 19, and 22 (i like random numbers ex. I always set my alarm to like 7:24 instead of a 5 or 0)…I also don’t really have a problem with cinnamon candy or comic sans but I can appreciate your point

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