Sometimes you just have to vent.

Sometimes anyone will do. You just need to get it off your chest, so the next friend who comes along is going to get to hear all about it because you just have too much to say and need someone to say it to.

Sometimes it’s topic-specific. For romantic issues you vent to Friend A, academics to Friend B, family things to Friend C, etc. These are the people you know will have specific knowledge on the subject of your ventilation (and yes, that is a correct usage of the word).

But then sometimes you need to vent but there is no one to vent to. It might be about a person, but they’re a mutual friend of the people you want to talk to, so no dice. The source of frustration might be related to the person with whom you need to talk, so you’re screwed there, too. You want so badly to get all of the emotions and issues out of you but there is no one who is right for the job of listening.

You’d think social media (like, I don’t know, blogging) would be a great forum for venting when none of your friends fit the bill, but then the problem is that (of course) the thing you’re venting about is somehow related to those who follow you on those sites. Woop-dee-do, another ventilation system nixed.

But since you can’t go to sleep without getting everything out of your head, you blog about it anyway in incredibly vague terms and hope no one catches on.

Good night, all.


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