a summary of stuff in my life that you probably don’t care about but i’m going to put here anyway because it’s my blog and i can do what i want

  • I need a haircut in the worst way, but I’m going to have to wait until Christmas break to get one. Boo.
  • I’ve lost about twenty bobby pins in the last two weeks…I’m not sure how I lost them, but I did.
  • This is my public apology to my friend Barr for being a terrible tango partner in social dance class today.
  • In RUF on Monday, we were asked if playing Christmas music at RUF next week (aka before Thanksgiving) would offend any of us. I raised my hand. Obviously.
  • Oh, I started going to RUF a few weeks ago. The cool part is that even though I’m new, it doesn’t feel like it.
  • I found the perfect Secret Santa gift for my friend. Perfect may not even be a good enough word for how absolutely perfect it is. I feel so accomplished.
  • I just finished a book on high school journalism in the 1990s. They thought an 80 mb hard drive was huge, saved things on floppy discs, and were curious about this thing called the Internet [insert laugh track here].
  • Now I’m procrastinating on a book report about said book.
  • In five days I’ll be on on my way home for the first time all semester. Woo, Thanksgiving!
  • I am honestly giddy to reveal the UM Step Sing theme for 2013. But I can’t yet…boo.
  • My nails feel weird right now because I took the polish off earlier. I’m not sure why this is, but it always happens.
  • I wish I had time to read for fun right now.
  • My roommate and suitemates are honestly some of the greatest people on the planet. I couldn’t have asked for a better living arrangement this year.
  • I’d really love to swing on a porch swing right now. Well, maybe not right now right now (it’s cold and dark), but you know what I mean.
  • If any of you are still reading this list, I respect your tenacity.
  • Friend’s 22nd birthday party tomorrow night (and we get to dress up!)
  • My last Preview Day is Saturday. Not clear on what my feeling are about this right now.
  • I really should write my paper now.
  • Or now…
  • Or now.
  • Bye.

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