random acts of brownies

Today I made three batches of brownies.

Seriously, I spent two hours baking three batches of fudge brownies with extra chocolate chips. And there was not a single logical reason behind it.

On Monday night I mentioned to a group of my friends that I was putting together a package for my little brother’s birthday and that I was baking cookies to include in said package. This obviously prompted one of my male friends to begin talking about how much he wanted a cookie…no, wait, a BROWNIE. Yes, a brownie was exactly what he wanted. A really gooey brownie with lots of chocolate chips.

(See where I’m going with this?)

And obviously, me being who I am, I decided, “Hey, why not make brownies for my guy friends? They deserve them. I like baking. Winning situation all around.”

And thus this became the story of how I spent my Thursday afternoon baking brownies with extra chocolate chips.

If you look at the little “about me” description to your right (you can check if you wish), I describe myself as a Type 2. Translation: I want to be wanted, I need to be needed, and the song that’s now stuck in your head was clearly written about Type 2s. When someone wants something and I have any power whatsoever to supply it, I’m all over it.

You need a piece of gum? Covered. You want to know who that actor is and why he looks familiar? I’m on it. You want someone to kill that random bug in the corner? As long as it doesn’t fly or sting, I’m more than willing to squish it. And apparently, if my guy friends want brownies, I’m all about making that dream come true.

Is this a bad thing? I don’t know. I know it means I can be taken advantage of. I know it means that I run the risk of being seen as “desperate” or “pushy.” I know it means some people might think I’m a doormat. But to be quite honest, I’m okay with it.

I love filling a need. I love providing that bit of joy for people. My friends who got brownies? They were over the moon. And they couldn’t believe someone would do that for them for no reason other than one of them said “A brownie sounds good right now.”

It’s the little things in life that make me happiest. Why shouldn’t I return the favor?


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