There are so many words inside of me, and I’m not entirely sure how they will emerge. But this is me attempting to make some sense of them. I sat on my couch last night in shock. The brokenness of our world was screaming at me through my phone screen. Hostages. Suicide bombers. Hundreds dead […]

12 books down in September/October, including 1 re-read, 2 non-fiction, and 2 comic bind-ups. I may have been terrible about blogging this year, but at least I’m doing well on the whole “read a lot of books” thing. The Bad Beginning and The Reptile Room, by Lemony Snicket I’ve read TBB before, but I recently […]

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So I mayyyyyy or may not have completed 14 15 books in the last two months. And I beat my reading goal for the year (36), which I now realize was obscenely low. Welcome to my life, folks. A big portion of my reading this update was part of the 2015 Booktubeathon. This is a reading challenge that many booktubers […]

I had intended to do a bit of a different bookshelf update this time, but things wound up getting in the way of that. Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks to some lovely vacation time and the general slowing down of life during the summer (thanks, university job), I read 11 books in the last […]

Okay, so I haven’t been blogging in the last two months, sorry. But I did finish/read 9 books, so I’ll let that be my excuse. The Mime Order (The Bone Season #2), by Samantha Shannon After reading The Bone Season this past fall, I was pleased but not enthralled. But I have to say, this entry into […]

Welcome back to Jackie Rambling On About Books She Read! This update may be comprised of the most random assortment of books so far, so please bear with me. The Localist: Think Independent, Buy Local, and Reclaim the American Dream, by Carrie Rollwagen One of the things I love most about the city of Birmingham is […]

My new pal Beatrice. "Because if you can't have a real cat for comfort, you can at least have a stuffed one." My parents get me, y'all.

VERY LONG POST ALERT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Three weeks ago today, I was in the emergency room with impaired motor skills on my right side. Two weeks ago today, I had finally gotten a neurologist appointment set up…for February 18. One week ago today, I had just come home from a three-day stay in […]


It’s rambling story-time, my lovely readers. Grab your heated blanket and a mug of cocoa and settle in (if you don’t have those handy, how are you not frozen solid right now?) This, my friends, is my purity ring. Or, at least, it was. I was given this ring for my 14th birthday. My dad […]

On January 1, 2014, I made my very first official New Year’s Resolutions. Seven of them, in fact. And in a shocking turn of events, I actually made good (passably) on six out of those seven. 1) Read through the Bible in a year. Finished up Revelation on December 29, 2014. CHECK! 2) Cook at least […]


2013 was full of change. 2014 was…not? Kind of? I mean, things definitely changed. But they changed in much smaller ways than I’ve been used to from my last few years. There wasn’t a massive life switch at any point. Essentially, larger life categories stayed the same, while smaller things shifted within them. Does that […]

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